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Nourriture saine


Fish & Seafood

Sea bass, roasted fennel, carrot and corn salad

Cook 90g of diced fennel (1.5) on low heat in 9g of olive oil (9) and 8g of butter (6.6). Add 2 or 3 very thin garlic slices and a small pinch of Stevia. 

In a small pan, sauté 40g of sea bass (1.6/8) in 6g of olive oil (6) until just cooked.

Mix 10g of grated carottes (0.6) with 6g of olive oil (6) and 10g of corn (1).

Add a bit of lemon juice in the fish and serve with 10g of avocado oil or regular mayonnaise (8.3)

TOTAL = 37.5/11.1

This meal allows you to serve 1.4g of carbs for dessert (e.g. 35g of strawberries/raspberries or 20g of watermelon).

bar fenouil carottes rapees mais.heic

Crayfish curry risotto

In a food processor, grind 80g of raw cauliflower florets (2.24) into a powder resembling couscous. Cook the cauliflower powder in a small pan over low heat with 14g of olive oil (14) and 20g of salted butter (16.4). Add some garlic powder.

In another small pan, sauté 50g of crayfish (0.4/9.5) in 6g of olive oil  (6) and 8g of butter (6.6). Add some mild curry powder and garlic powder. When cooked, add 10g of 40% full fat sour cream  (4/0.5),  5g of sliced almonds (2.6/1.5) and some fresh basil or parsley.

TOTAL = 50/13,74

This means allows to serve 3g of carbs for dessert (e.g. 27g of apple or blueberries).

risotto ecrevisses.heic
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