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Nourriture saine



The numbers in brackets indicate the nutritional values of each ingredient. The first one refers the amount of fat and the second one to the amount of carbs+protein. In the case there is only one number in brackets, it indicates that the ingredient only contains fat (e.g. oil, butter, mayonnaise) or carbs (e.g. fruits and vegetables). The number refers to the amount of fat or carbs in the ingredients. Note that very few ingredients only contain protein (e.g. some fish and seafood).

Pork Frankfurter sausage and Indian style creamed spinach

70g grilled nitrite-free 'Knacki' sausage (16/10,2).

In a small pan, slow cook 3g of diced onions (0,15) with 6g of olive oil (6). Add 30g of diced tomatoes (0,5). When cooked, add 50g of spinach (1), 12g of olive oil (12), 15g of full fat sour cream (5,7/0,75), 1 'Kiri' cheese (5,4/2), garlic powder, curry powder, salt, a pinch of Stevia and ginger powder. Mix well and cook until the cheese has completely melted.

TOTAL = 45.1/14.6 = RATIO 3

For each 3.5g mayonnaise served on the side, 1g of carbs can be served for dessert.


more coming very soon

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