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Jeune père cuisine



I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. This diet is an opportunity for your family to cut down processed food and have some unexpected fun.

There is always a solution

When our son first went on a 3:1 Keto Diet, we had 2 main fears:

1. That he would grab some food from the kitchen on his own. Food he can’t have, food that would put the whole diet at risk.

2. That he would see us or his brother eat something he likes and can’t have. The thought of that just broke our hearts.  


So we came up with some solutions.

Clean kitchen, clean mind

Like every kiddo, your child is probably used to helping themselves to the kitchen cupboard

or fridge, to grab a cookie or an apple. To avoid any stress and to protect them, you

will need to make a few ajustements in the kitchen. 


  • Throw away or give away any candy in the house.  It sounds a bit harsh, but it is the best way to avoid frustration for you and your little one. This diet is a wonderful chance for the whole family to eat healthier, especially for your other children. Cutting down on sugar, white flour and anything processed can only have a positive impact on their health. Their childhood is an opportunity to set good eating habits for their future. 

  • I find it easier to simply get rid of all the things that your child can’t have and could grab : processed cookies, bread, etc. If you have to keep some for your other children or for yourself, store them on higher shelves or in opaque boxes. You can also place fruit on the highest shelves in the fridge.

  • Reorganize your kitchen and create a special drawer or shelf for your child's food. Make sure it is easily accessible to them. You can create together a pretty label or sticker with their name to mark their space as it will make them feel important. Do the same for all your children, they will love having their own special space in the kitchen.

3:1 keto diet cooking
Be a magician

A little magic in the house will help with the transition and bring some fun into the diet.

  • At first, my husband and I found it easier if we didn’t all eat at the same time. It’s complicated enough to make different dinners at once… If, on top of that, you have to worry about your child looking at your plate with envy, that’s just too difficult… So we played 'restaurant'. Each child was assigned a table and we served them. Our little one didn’t even notice he was eating differently. The next day, we played 'at home picnic' (they each created their own picnic space in the house), then 'eating in a fort', etc. Let your imagination roll! This little trick will avoid a lot of stress at first and kids will love it!


  • Don’t worry, lots of meals can easily be transformed into a 3:1 version. They don’t look very different which allows the whole family to sit down happily together.

  • To ensure that our son didn't feel frustrated by eating differently, we used empty packages of famous brands (chocolate mousse cups, boxes of chocolate milk, etc) and filled them up with a 3:1 ketogenic version. For Easter, I bought colorful and fun chocolate eggs at the supermarket, removed the chocolate and kept the wrapping paper for my own ketogenic eggs. You can even place a small surprise toy inside. 

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